Stainless Steel Shelf for Pasto 26 Water Baths

Shelf-for-pasto-26 Shelves in Pasto 26

Stainless Steel Shelf for Pasto 26 Water Baths

You can use glass jars in our Pasto sous vide bath for custards, yogurt and pâtés, alongside many other foods that need to set. The Pasto can be an alternative to a bain marie, giving you a constant low temperature. When using containers such as ramekins, the Pasto Shelf - SVS 26 is the perfect accessory for this use. It has two fixed heights and fits in the Pasto 26L, this allows you to cook in a lower water height, taking away any fears that you’ll go below the minimum fill depth. If using sealed jars submerged in the water, it allows you to have two layers. After turning over the base plate, two of these shelves can be used. After use, always remember to turn the base plate back over.


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Ian Orr, Browns Restaurant

Grant Sous Vide Water Baths are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in all my kitchens. They are so easy to use and save money and time on gas and labour. They are amazing for temperature control, while keeping in the flavour and juices of the food without shrinkage. They give consistently great results every time:

  • Hold in Flavour and Juices
  • No Shrinkage
  • Healthier way to cook
  • Never overcooks
  • Being able to cook food at lower temperatures for longer you enhance textures, flavour and tenderness
Ian Orr
Chef Patron, Browns Restaurant

Stainless Steel Shelf for Pasto 26 Water Baths

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