Sous Vide Cooking | Creative Cuisine by Grant

Sous Vide Explained in 5 Easy Steps



Prepare your ingredients ready for cooking.
Seal & Vacuum

Seal & Vacuum

Seal your ingredients in a vacuum pouch or resealable bag.


Set the time and temperature on your sous vide water bath.


Place the sealed vacuum pouch or bag into your sous vide water bath to cook.


Once your food is cooked, remove from the vacuum pouch or bag. Dinner is served!

Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

Healthy, tasty eating made possible

Sealing ingredients in a vacuum pouch or resealable bag means no natural flavours and nutrients are lost.

Gourmet cooking at an affordable price

Sous vide cooking transforms cheaper cuts of meat and fish into premium results effortlessly.

Simple, effortless excellence

Set your time and temperature and leave your water bath to do the rest.

Cooking, without the clean-up

Simply cook your dishes, then pour away the water in your water bath when done, it’s that simple.

Consistently cooked throughout

Evenly cooked, juicy and tender results every time.

Innovative cooking

Create all manner of dishes, desserts, cocktails, soups and stews all from the same product.

Sous Vide Cooking Guides

Whether you're cooking, meats, fish, fruit, vegetables or anything in between, our selection of free sous vide cooking guides are here to help you every step of the way. In each guide you'll find details on different ingredients, their optimum cooking times and temperatures and other useful information to help you master the sous vide technique in no time. You'll also find a selection of short guides on which equipment to use, health and safety matters and guidance on food storage. Simply click on any of the sous vide cooking guides below to explore for yourself.

Sous Vide Videos

A collection of short sous vide how to videos for you to browse at your leisure. These include a step by step guide to using your Uno Sous Vide Controller or Primo Sous Vide Water bath for the first time. Other videos include how to cook a range of different ingredients using the sous vide technique, including meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. Alternatively we also have a collection of free cooking guides for all manner of different ingredients detailed above.