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Sous Vide Recipe Books

Here, you’ll find a selection of the best sous vide recipe books for you to own and try at home.

Experiment with this innovative cooking concept and serve up mouth-watering sous vide meals with ease. Grant Creative Cuisine provides a range of sous vide recipe books to suit every family’s tastes – whether you’re looking to cook succulent meat dishes, stunning seafood ensembles or quick one-pot wonders, our tried-and-tested recipes have everything covered.

Recipes to get you started

Recipes to get you started

Not sure where to begin? Our free, easy to follow sous vide recipes will help you get to grips with the technique. All of our recipes have been written with step by step methods and comprehensive ingredients lists to help you get the most from your sous vide experience. Conjure up everything from meats and fish dishes to even infused sous vide cocktails and discover why sous vide is taking the culinary industry by storm.

Start cooking sous vide today with our selection of step by step recipes.