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Kalamata Olive Rack of Lamb

It was a great pleasure working with the Primo sous vide water bath. One of my favourite things about the Primo is how easy and convenient it was to use along with being very well designed meaning it can fit almost anywhere.

The Primo sous vide water bath has given me greater visibility into our daily operational challenges, allowing us to adapt and improve as well as making cooking almost effortless. It is definitely a must buy sous vide machine for anyone who loves cooking!

Prep Time: 2 hours      Cook Time: 2 hours      Serves: 10
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Sous Vide Sunday Lamb Roast

Quick and easy recipe, perfect Sunday Roast

by Arran Roberts

by Arran Roberts

Arran Roberts is Head of Marketing at Grant Creative Cuisine, and together with an excellent team, looks after all marketing for the catering division of Grant. This includes managing activities such as roadshows, website, social media, brand and support for our partners across the globe.

Arran is originally from North Wales, but currently lives in Bedfordshire with fiancé Victoria. Outside of work, Arran’s hobbies include Football, Squash and eating out with family and friends.

Prep Time: 1 hour      Cook Time: 6 hours      Serves: 2
Arran Roberts