For the Home

Uno Sous Vide Controller - Red
Easily convert your rice/slow cooker into a sous vide bath
Available in: Red, Black or White colour options
UK, EU and US mains plug formats available
Primo 10 Sous Vide Water Bath - Red
Premium product for the home or small professional kitchen
Available in: Red, Black or White
10 litre capacity
Compagno - Paiolo & Uno Sous Vide Controller
An ideal sous vide starter kit
Comprising of Uno and the Paiolo heated pot
Start cooking sous vide today
Paiolo Heated Pot
Perfect with the Uno Sous Vide Controller
Can also be used as a conventional rice cooker
4 litre capacity
Uno Replacement Sensor - Red
Replacement temperature sensor for Uno
Available in Black and Red options
1 metre length
Sous Vide Digital Thermometer
Easy to use water resistant gourmet thermometer with folding probe. Ideal for ideal for monitoring cooking, cooling and food holding temperature.