Uno - Sous Vide Controller

Uno - Sous Vide Controller

The Uno is the smallest sous vide machine on the market, easily converting your existing analogue rice/slow cooker into an accurate sous vide water bath. The Uno is simple to use, set and clean and offers a cost effective, space saving sous vide solution to the home kitchen.


Uno Sous Vide Controller - Red
Jean-Luc Rabanel

I use the Vortice Portable Immersion Circulator for the following reasons:

  • Very simple to use with only two buttons
  • Excellent temperature stability +/- 0,05°C
  • Can be used for any kind of cooking for tender and tasty results
  • By cooking in a sous vide water bath, only steam is given off, so no smoke or annoying odours for the neighbourhood
Jean-Luc Rabanel

Uno - Sous Vide Controller

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Beautiful, compact and powerful.
Beautiful, compact and powerful.
Uno accurately regulates the water temperature in your cooker to ensure perfect cooking everytime. Every aspect of Uno's design is focused to fit in perfectly into your kitchen, becoming your perfect sous-vide companion.
2.4" rich multi-colour display. Check your cooking from afar.
Sous-vide machines can be a little complicated to use. Not Uno – simply set time and temperature, and you’re ready to cook up a storm. Thoughtfully designed, Uno’s crisp, tri-colour 2.4-inch screen reports its progress to you at all times. All done with a quick glance:

Warming Up

Your Codlo is preheating the water bath, getting ready for cooking.


Your Codlo is at the perfect temperature – time to plop your food in the water bath to cook.


Cooking is done. Enjoy!

Small and mighty. Just plug and play.

Uno is the smallest sous-vide machine available, yet its space-saving ability goes even further. Uno is designed to plug directly into your wall socket - taking up no countertop space at all.

Commercial quality precision. Without the price tag.

The key to great cooking is temperature control. How do we achieve this with Uno given its compatibility with endless types of cookers that vary in shape, size and power? Smart, adaptive learning.

Adjustable to 0.1℃/℉, Uno learns and adapts to your individual cooker over time, giving you the precision you need for home gourmet cooking. Clever little thing.

An energy efficient superstar.
An energy efficient superstar.

When cooking, Uno and your cooker typically use less than 60W of power, less than a standard light bulb. This is because Uno instructs your cooker to produce just enough energy to cook your food perfectly – no energy is wasted.

Using a cooker also means your water bath is well covered and insulated, further boosting its energy efficiency.

Just wipe clean.
Just wipe clean.

With Uno, there’s no messy grills to clean or heating element limescale issues to worry about. After cooking, simply pour away the water, give Uno’s sensor a quick wipe or rinse, and you’re done. Cleaning can’t get any easier than that.

Saves you money from day one.

Combining style and substance, Uno is one of the most affordable sous-vide machines available, costing less than a typical high-end dinner for two. Not only that, Uno frees up precious time as it takes care of most of the cooking for you. Oh, expect your grocery bills to drop too, as Uno transforms cheaper, leaner cuts into melt-in-your-mouth dinners. Now that’s a sound investment.

Two layers of safety. For total peace of mind.
Two layers of safety. For total peace of mind.

Uno plugs into your kitchen's wall socket, where it avoids potential dangers from spills and condensation. And of course, Uno is food-safe: its sensor and cable are made from high-temperature food-safe polymers.

All your cooker's inbuilt safety features will still be activated, giving you a double layer of safety while cooking.